Friday, June 20, 2014

Upcoming Goodness on The Year of Birds

Yeah...we've been busy.

Since we last posted we've had migration come through, and this time we were prepared. There was a point where I was WAY behind Paul, but then I not only caught up, but surpassed him in year total. But then a week later the birds got up to him and he re-took the lead.

As always, migration seemed far too short and we already miss it some. Paul keeps insisting he is out of birds to find, yet he adds one or two every so often. I feel like I am tapped out around here (besides the nesting Kentucky Warblers nearby that I've unsuccessfully tried to get a few times), but I still have Cape May to go to so I can add some shorebirds and terns. So the game is not over!

We will be posting more, including a series of posts about stringers (a topic of which we are far too obsessed with lately), a bunch of photoessays, some more discussions of warblers (since warblers are awesome), some data analysis, and some randomly weird crap.

Including lots of warblers, including bland Bay-breasted!
To update our year totals, Paul has retaken the lead, but it isn't that too much of a difference. I am about to surpass my last year total (see what a difference that knowing the area and actually know where to go makes!). So, as of June 9th here are are eBird rankings (note: since then I have added another bird):

Damon: 216 (2904th in the ABA area)
Paul: 230 (2223rd )

Summertime birding may be slow, but summertime writing about birding will be interesting.

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