Monday, August 11, 2014

Other Flying Creatures at DuPont Environmental Education Center

Let's try something different for this post!

Today, while working at the DuPont Environmental Education Center down in Wilmington, DE, I walked around and took some pictures. I spent way too much time taking pictures of Least Sandpipers, but they were only about 10 feet away and were just asking to be photographed.

Least Sandpiper, DEEC 8/9/14
The entire time I was hoping more shorebirds would swoop in and I would have to work hard because of the rarities. While the first part did come true (more shorebirds!), they were all Least Sandpipers.

But I am not just a birder, I am also a nature-loving naturalist guy too! So I kept my camera out and went after the dragonflies instead.

Now, I don't know my dragonflies, so take any identification I give with a bit of caution. Also, at DEEC there are probably a dozen or two different species out now, and many of them don't like to perch for pictures for very long. The result? Me getting a handful of pictures that I spent way a bunch of time trying to ID. Using General Impression of Size and Shape doesn't work as well with Dragonflies.

So, without further ado, I will unveil the first Year of Birds dragonfly picture post! Over the next couple weeks I'll try to do this once or twice more, and who knows, maybe Paul will post some too? Do they have Dragonflies in Canada?

Blue Dasher, DEEC 8/9/14
Common Whitetails, DEEC 8/9/14
Eastern Amberwings, DEEC 8/9/14

Needham's Skimmer
As always, photos by me (don't steal them). If I get any IDs wrong, please correct me.

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