Monday, September 9, 2013

Damon's Birds for the Weeks of August 18 - August 31

I was NOT shut out!

But, just like Paul, late summer is a bit slow here. Heck, I even went down to Cape May and went birding in the morning for three days, but did not see any new birds (oh, other people saw a Philadelphia Vireo but I did not....).

So, only new bird was the Bobolink, and I was so happy to hear them and identify them flying over. Then I would notice more flocks of them flying over in Philadelphia. And in Cape May. And at my work in Delaware. And one singing non-stop 20 yards from me while I was walking. And well over 100 foraging in the wild rice fields at Heinz. We get it Bobolinks, you are everywhere now. I still don't tire of them.

182; Bobolink; 8/24/12; John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge; Philadelphia, PA

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