Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Immaturely Funny Bird Names: Australian Edition

I've said this before: by far the most popular page on this blog is Immaturely Funny Bird Names. I did a sequel to it with Immaturely Funny Bird Names: European Edition which, while not quite as popular, is slowly gaining in popularity! And while here at The Year of Birds we are mainly a blog about birds, birding, science, and reading and stuff, I am not above pandering to the whims of the internet audience. So here we have another entry in the series:

The Most Immaturely Funny Bird Names: Australian Edition

Same rules as before apply where I try not to be redundant (or else "cock" birds will be everywhere). Also, Australian animals tend to have ridiculous names anyway, so this should be easy, right? Do know that as long as this list is, it could have been a lot longer (heck, I'm not even including the fairy-wrens, which could be a whole post in themselves!). Browsing the list of Australian birds gives a whole lot of WTF reactions.

-Musk Duck
-Hoary-headed Grebe
-Flock Bronzewing
-Wonga Pigeon
-Wompoo Fruit-Dove
-Papuan Frogmouth
-Fairy Prion
-Erect-crested Penguin
-Brown Booby (it is a classic for a reason folk!)
-Imperial Shag
-Australian Bustard
-Swinhoe's Snipe
-Wandering Tattler
-Black Noddy
-Norfolk Island Kaka
-Gang-gang cockatoo
-Double-eyed Fig-parrot
-Southern Boobook
-Southern Whiteface
-Purple-gaped Honeyeater
-Masked Woodswallow
-Spangled Drongo
-Willie Wagtail
-Jacky Winter
-Red-capped flowerpecker

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