Friday, April 12, 2013

Immaturely Funny Bird Names: European Edition

Here at The Year of Birds we write about many things: birds, birding, other birders, painful memories of our youth that we work through publicly as a form of therapy that somewhat relates to birds, and trips to go birding. But sometimes we get silly (especially me) and write things like The Most Immaturely Funny Named Bird.

Now, that post was mostly North America centric (with some obvious exceptions) and was just a one-off post that I wrote on the spur of the moment without much effort. Heck, the links to Wikipedia for every species mentioned was more work than the rest of it combined! But you want to know something about that post? It is our most popular post.

Seriously, it is the most popular thing written on this blog by a huge margin, and mostly people get to it through googling things like "funny bird names" (#3 result!). Wow, that is impressive, especially since we aren't even on the first page if you google "year of birds" despite owning the freaking domain name.

So, as we aren't the types to keep the people from what they want, I now introduce to you the second in the series of funny bird names:

The Most Immaturely Funny Named Birds: European Edition

Same rules apply as before: I try not to be too redundant or else it will be filled with all sorts of tits and things with cock in their name. Also, I am using Wikipedia's List of European Birds, so who knows how accurate it really is.
-Chukar (yeah, I used it already, whatever)
-Red-necked Grebe
-Little Bustard
-European Shag
-Eurasian Woodcock (yeah already used and a bit too obvious, but a classic is still a classic)
-Ural Owl
-Gray-faced Woodpecker (the Ben Roethlisberger bird!)
-Eurasian Nutcracker
-Eurasian Penduline Tit (there was much competition amongst the tits for this slot)
-Red-rumped Swallow

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