Monday, April 22, 2013

Damon's Birds for the Week of April 14 - April 20

Holy shit, I am not even going to comment on Paul's bird count this week. I took a trip down to New Castle, Delaware to find the Brants that were posted there every day for over a week, but I did not see them. Again. Listen, Battery Park in New Castle is pretty much a walking trail with some trees on one side (sometimes), grass around it, and a small beach on the other side. It isn't much of a park, but it does skirt the Delaware Bay so it gets some water birds. Shore birds? Yep, but only Greater Yellowlegs and the damn Killdeer that always get my hopes up that they are some fun plover. But while there were no Brants to be found, I did see a group of Bonaparte's Gulls floating near the shore and being harassed by Fish Crows.

I'm not complaining, but if I was going to spend a couple hours walking around and only see one new bird, I would rather be in a nice and wild area. So, unless there is a fun sighting, I probably am not going back to New Castle when there are so many other great places around that I still haven't been to.

My only other outing was to good old John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge. Truly, it is a refuge for me just as much as it is for wildlife. Despite it being near the airport and officially being in one of the largest cities in the United States, it is a nice wild area where I can walk around and just be in nature. But I'll write a whole post about my trip there this week.

89; Bonaparte's Gull; 4/15/2013; Battery Park; New Castle, DE
90; Northern Rough-winged Swallow; 4/20/2013; John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge; Philadelphia, PA
91; Caspian Tern; 4/20/2013; John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge; Philadelphia, PA

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