Friday, April 19, 2013

A Spring Trip to Heinz Wildlife Refuge: A Photoessay

I like the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge a lot. I know, perhaps this is just because it is the newest and shiniest place I've found and that I always get at least one new bird there, but the real reason is that it is just a nice place to walk around. So even on days like last Saturday when I only get one bird (a Blue-Winged Teal and that was only right as I was leaving), it is still a good day just to be out and be in nature. I like birding, but I feel a certain spiritual happiness when I am in natural areas that just makes everything better. Also there are warblers.

No, I didn't get any picture of any of the Palm or Yellow-Rumped Warblers (my camera isn't great and by the time I could get it out the warblers have moved), but I did get my camera out for some pictures when I went there last time.
Saturdays I have the opportunity to sleep in. I choose otherwise.

A Great Egret and a human with a better camera taking a better picture

A Great Blue Heron flying over

Another Great Blue Heron flying over

Look, a Tree Swallow! This is not an unusual sighting (foreshadowing!)

There actually were white tailed deer here the second before I took this

Mourning Dove in the morning

I've seen Northern Flickers and a Brown Creeper at various times on this tree

There are a LOT of Tree Swallows here

In just this area there were probably four times the amount as in this picture

Canada Goose

Mute Swans aren't native, but they still are here
Not a bird, but any wildlife is worthwhile to photograph

American Coots are always in the same place on the pond
Great Blue Herons are everywhere and always photogenic
Red-Winged Blackbirds are also everywhere and are loud. I don't mind
Wild Turkeys displaying around the feeder near the nature center

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