Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Damon's Birds for the Week of June 23 - June 29

I tried this week.

I started the week in southern New Jersey, including a morning trip by myself to Cape May Point to go birding. I saw lots of neat birds (more later), but the 'new' birds on that trip were ones I had seen the previous day.  It really is a nice place, and the walk in the trails was great, so I wasn't complaining. Still, at least show me a skimmer!

The week was more packed, with me having to work a few days and it being summer break for my kids the rest of the days. Unlike Paul, I am glad that the school year drags on until mid-June here (hell, with us moving, my kids actually got 10 months of school this year!). But I don't really have weekday birding abilities, so I never got to go look for the Tropical Kingbird in Philadelphia.

I did have a good lead on both Yellow- and Black-billed Cuckoos at Heinz Wildlife Refuge. Hell, I got there early and looked where they were heard for an hour and a half. Nothing. I met up with the birding group and we looked around and listened for a few hours. Nothing.

So, yeah, I was shut out this week. Sucks. The shorebirds will be migrating back down soon, and I have been reading The Shorebird Guide in anticipation, though reading it makes me feel even less ready.

So, yeah, despite having a solid morning of birding in Cape May and a solid morning of birding in Heinz I got shut out.

Birds Seen This Week:

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