Sunday, July 28, 2013

Damon's Birds for the Weeks of July 7 - July 20

Ok, I don't quite have the neat stories as Paul (no trips to New Scotland, no pelagic birds) and I haven't been to Cape May during this last couple of weeks, but I did get a new bird each of the weeks!

Yeah, just one per week.

But I've been busy, and tired, and exhausted, so one new one per week in the summer while not having any trips and not much time is fine with me. Just wait until I go down to the shore and spend every morning watching for migrating shorebirds!

Let's hope that helps me keep pace with Paul (catching up to him? Yeah right!).

162; Least Sandpiper; 7/13/2013; John Heinz Wildlife Refuge; Philadelphia, PA
163; Bank Swallow; 7/20/13; John Heinz Wildlife Refuge; Philadelphia, PA

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