Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Week 26 Paul's Update (Carden Alvar)

We are now half way through the year and I can't believe its already July. The past few months have really been whirlwind of birds and stuff. But something I never imagined during the cold and bleak days of winter is that there is a summertime lull in the birding. Now, I didn't get shut out this week but my opportunities to see new bird species are certainly becoming narrower. Perhaps I will have to take another trip soon to some exotic birding paradise. Anyways, I have been slowing down my birding and making fewer trips afield.

So I was surprised this week when I saw a new bird one evening when I went to the library with my son to drop off some overdue books. Circling above us were Chimney Swifts. It was almost too easy to record bird #211 for those who are keeping track. My other outing was to the Carden Alvar. My two older boys were officially done with school for the year (yes, in Ontario the school year lasts until the last week of June) and seeing how much they like birding with me, we went for a drive out to a new birding location. The alvar is an unique area and this particular area of Ontario has been the center of some hot birding controversy (see photo below) over the past few years. So I had to see it for myself and I figured I could pick up a couple of new birds for the year. And yes, it was a nice birding area and yes, I saw two new birds- the Eastern Towhee and the Field Sparrow.

Just one piece of advice if you head out to Carden Alvar. Do not leave your binoculars in the grass where the hawks might grab them.

Paul's Birds of Week 26
211 Chimney Swift 6/23/2013 Peterborough Library, Peterborough, ON
212 Eastern Towhee 6/28/2013 Calden Alvar, Lindsay, ON
213 Field Sparrow 6/28/2013 Calden Alvar, Lindsay, ON

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