Monday, August 12, 2013

Weeks 29 and 30 Paul's Update (Oregon)

I realized a couple days ago that I neglected to post my last two week update, but Damon didn't post his on time either so I don't feel too bad about it. But looking back, I do have some birding to report over the past few weeks!

After returning from Nova Scotia, we spent a couple of days recovering in Peterborough before flying out to Oregon to visit my parents. Our plan was to take a drive to the coast, visit some family, and generally get out of the Eastern Oregon heat for a few days.

My first new birds were seen once we hit Beavercreek, Oregon where my cousin lives on a nice 10 acre llama farm. These were classic mountain birds living in the foothills of Mount Hood. I picked up a couple more Portland area type birds and then we headed off to the coast to try the seafood and look for saltwater birds. This was partially successful as I saw another 9 new birds on the coast.

On our way back to the my parents house in Nyssa, we stopped at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge for lunch. This was where I had seen a bevy of new birds in June. This time around I saw mostly the same birds plus a Dusky Flycatcher. After a day in Nyssa, we headed to Unity, Oregon to go camping, and on the trip up I saw a couple of new birds including my first Golden Eagle of the year.

So for this two week period, I saw a total of 17 new species mostly of Pacific coast and western mountain birds that I would have otherwise had no chance of seeing at home in Peterborough.

225 Western Scrub Jay 7/28/2013 Beavercreek, OR
226 Mountain Chickadee 7/28/2013 Beavercreek, OR
227 Steller's Jay 7/28/2013 Beavercreek, OR
228 Anna's Hummingbird 7/28/2013 Audobon Bird Sanctuary, Portland, OR
229 Vaux's Swift 7/28/2013 Beavercreek, OR
230 Black Headed Grosbeak 7/29/2013 Beavercreek, OR
231 Common Murre 7/29/2013 Cape Mears, OR
232 Pelagic Cormorant 7/29/2013 Cape Mears, OR
233 Western Gull 7/29/2013 Cape Mears, OR
234 Pigeon Guillemot 7/29/2013 Cape Mears, OR
235 Western Sandpiper 7/29/2013 Cape Mears, OR
236 Heerman's Gull 7/29/2013 Pacific City, OR
237 Brandt's Cormorant 7/30/2013 Yaquina Head, OR
238 Black Oystercatcher 7/30/2013 Yaquina Head, OR
239 Rufous Hummingbird 7/31/2013 Hiceta Head, OR
240 Dusky Flycatcher 8/1/2013 Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, OR
241 Rough Legged Hawk 8/3/2013 Unity, OR
242 Golden Eagle 8/3/2013 Unity, OR

Me looking for birds at the Audobon Bird Sanctuary in Portland, Oregon

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