Monday, August 26, 2013

Weeks 31 and 32 Paul's Update (Summer Birding)

The strange thing I find about writing two-week updates on birding activity is that tends to group very different birding activities together. Of course, birding has been slower this summer so I don't have much really to write about the past two weeks. Looking at my list, I guess that's not entirely true as I saw 7 new species over this time period.

Three of these were in Oregon as we were wrapping up our travels around the Beaver state. I plan to write more about the first two birds soon as these are classic mountain birds seen during a camping trip. The Cooper's Hawk flew over my parent's back yard as I was sitting outside watching my youngest son play with toy tractors.

Once we returned to Peterborough, I felt the urge to get back out in the field; the fall migration is starting and some interesting birds are being seen down by Lake Ontario. I went down and saw a different flycatcher and the sandpiper. I next figured I should try to find the Marsh Wren and knew where I could probably find one. While looking for it at the Lakefield sewage lagoons, I happened to see a Green Heron as well. The Marsh Wren turned out to be tricky because they were hiding in the reeds and were not anxious to show themselves. It only took me three trips to find them. This puts me at 249 bird species for the year and I have no idea how many I can see if I keep birding.

243 Clark's Nutcracker 8/4/2013 Unity, OR
244 American Dipper 8/4/2013 Unity, OR
245 Cooper's Hawk 8/7/2013 Parents Backyard, Nyssa, OR
246 Yellow-bellied Flycatcher 8/11/2013 McGlaughin Wildlife Reserve, Oshawa, ON
247 Solitary Sandpiper 8/11/2013 McGlaughin Wildlife Reserve, Oshawa, ON
248 Green Heron 8/11/2013 Lakefield Sewage Lagoons, Lakefield, ON
249 Marsh Wren 8/16/2013 Lakefield Sewage Lagoons, Lakefield, ON

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