Friday, December 13, 2013

Bobo-Links for December 13

Ok, we are trying something new hear and we'll see how well it works out weekly. There are lots of things going on in the world of birds and birding, and while we know the majority of people rely mostly on The Year of Birds blog for their birding fix, there are other blogs and news sources out there. We would not want your insatiable appetite for this blog to have caused you to miss out on them!

Some weeks we may have themes of what we link to, some weeks may have lots of links, some weeks may have few. Some weeks may have links that are tangentially related to birds (I tend to do stuff like that sometimes).

Also, I'm not married to the name, but it is cute. Any suggestions are welcome.

Arctic Wanderers - Snowy Owl Invasion 2013 on eBird
-This is a good summary and discussion of the recent explosion of Snowy Owl sightings on the east coast.

Snowy-palooza on View from the Cape (Cape May Bird Observatory blog)
-Snowy Owl sightings around Cape May, with pictures and a video of a very unhappy Peregrine Falcon harassing an owl on the beach. The one I saw was the 11/29 light colored bird.

What a Difference a Year Makes! on The Nomadic Naturalist
-To contrast the Snowy Owl winter explosion, here is an article about the contrast between the numbers of last year's 'invasion' birds with this year in Ontario (that's Paul's neck of the woods) by Mike Burrell (I bet it rhymes with 'pearl').

The Top 10: Most Awesome Bird Names in the World on the ABA blog
-This is by George Armistead, who is a fellow Philly birder (I know him, but I don't think he knows about this blog). Any blog post about bird names that are funny/great/weird is okay in my book. (If you enjoyed this, then I should take this time to point out that, by far, the most viewed page on this blog is Immaturely Funny Bird Names, followed closely by a sequel for European Birds, another for Australian Birds, and another for Bird Genera.)

Chicken Cantanzaro-Style on Lidia's Italy
-Chickens are still birds, and very tasty bird at that! From Lidia Bastianich (host of Lidia's Italy and other excellent PBS shows) comes a recipe that I absolutely love. I don't de-bone a chicken though (too much work, not enough payoff), but instead will get chicken breasts (usually bone-in, but whatever is available), cut them open, stuff them, and shut them with toothpicks. The flavors all meld together to make it delicious, and my kids don't even know they just ate capers and anchovies (they would protest if they knew about them ahead of time).

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