Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Damon's Birds for the Week of May 19 - May 25

Ok, just as I finally get my house set up and the computer all working I get ready to get some posts up camera refuses to recognize any memory card put in it (they all work, I swear!). So I have no photos for this post, but I'll be busting out the trusty iPhone to get the amazing shots that you are used to for my posts. You remember, shots like "Fuzzy Outline of Bird that Damon Claims is a Black and White Warbler" and "Distant View of Hunting Kestrel".

I have been reliant a bit on my phone apps for birding lately. No, I don't whip it out all the time, but dammit I've seen flycatchers a bunch lately and I don't have the songs down yet. I don't like the mnemonics (mnemonics are an asinine way of learning something) and I don't want to just listen over and over on the internet. The best way is to just go out and listen and try to match if you can.

I did that on the previous week with an Acadian Flycatcher, and once again this week with an Alder Flycatcher. Yay, flycatcher identifying!

I didn't get any other bird this past week, but that's ok because I went to Cape May after the week was over and got a few more birds and a few more stories.

137; Alder Flycatcher; 5/25/13; John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge; Philadelphia, PA

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