Monday, March 11, 2013

Damon's Birds for the week of March 3 - March 10

Paul is on a roll, isn't he? Wow, you would think he would slow down after going to Louisiana, but he has kept the momentum up. Damn, what will I do to keep up?  Will I take back the lead?

No.  The answer is no, I will not take back the lead this week. I did dream about seeing some sort of duck and a ring-necked pheasant in my backyard, but I realized (while dreaming) that it wasn't real and I couldn't actually include it them in my list. I didn't actually identify the duck anyway.

I was shut out this week, but I've been busy buying a house. So, instead of having very little chance of successful birding outside a rental townhouse, I will have a just slightly better chance of birding outside my own house. Hey, it'll have trees and I will overdo the bird feeders and I need to buy a new birdbath.  Hey, look, a picture of it!

No worries for next week, as I already have added four new species of bird to my list, as well as a couple birding outings in the...uhhh...outing.

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