Thursday, February 7, 2013

Being Connected with The Year of Birds

How can YOU be involved with this blog?  How can you be more connected with it? What, oh what, can you do to help this blog grow and be even more awesome? Can you do something other than sit there at home or at the EPA and read through the blog? Yes, you can! Here is how.

1) You can "like" us on Facebook! I think we are officially "The Year of Birds" (with the "The") on our FB page because some band has the name "Year of Birds", but you know what? We have the domain name so we win! Seriously, if you ever forget, you can just type win and it'll take you right here.

Also, if we get enough "likes" we can do some other fun things on Facebook, and I want to know what these things are!

2) You can comment if you have something to say. No "+1" or "first" or any crap like that, but feel free to tell us something that might be interesting or whatnot.  It is good to know you are reading (though we know anyway) and it'll help us refine what we write about (well, we write about anything we feel like).

3) You can start your own year list. It is never too late to start, and it is fun to follow along. Update us along the way in the comments.

4) If you live in Ontario or the Mid-Atlantic region around Philadelphia, Baltimore, or D.C. drop us tips (in the comments, of course) of any cool or unusual bird you see so we can go see them ourselves.

5) Tell your friends! The more people reading this eclectic collection of writings that may or may not be directly related to birding, the better.

6) Link to the blog. This could be the most important or best thing to do (at least for us). Add a link to this blog on your own website or whatever. It can only help.

7) Don't be disappointed if Schleich Theater is an uncommon feature. Sure, I get inspired at Paul's expense some times, but the whimsy posts are just there every now and then when the mood hits us. BUT...the more people that visit the blog, the more likely I will keep the stories going.

As always, we greatly appreciate you for showing up and reading our blog!

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