Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ridley Creek State Park in Winter, a Photoessay

Ridley Creek State Park is a nice place to visit right near where I live. And though it probably only offers the same assemblage of birds as the areas and arboretums around me, it does have a larger area full of trees and and is a nice, different place to look for birds.

A few weeks ago (right after it snowed) I took a short afternoon trip there to walk around and maybe look for birds. It was cold, and I only saw one new bird while there, but it was really cold and I only took a shortish walk alongside the creek.  The park itself is huge, and the other areas offer different habitats for different bird species to see.

This is a short photoessay of my short trip Ridley Creek State Park in winter, including an actual picture of a bird!

See, on the last picture, there is a great blue heron in the middle (it was already on my list, but it flew down the stream and just stood there. It was very nice).  Mostly it was cold with only white-throated sparrows and chickadees around, but I'll have the whole park (not just the 5% I walked through) to explore throughout the year to find lots of birds.

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