Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Damon's Birds for the Week of February 3 - February 9

I have a problem. No, not writers block (I haven't posted in a couple days because I am in the middle of three posts instead of focusing on one). No, not lack of birds last week (I got a few new ones). No, not the cold fronts that come through and make me change my plans. None of those. My problem is Paul.

Don't be fooled by his shutout last week, Paul is preparing to take the lead and he knows it. Not only is he about to visit two places of the country with different bird assemblages, but he is starting to get the hang of this birding thing. He even sent me a message saying he is about to take the lead permanently and I couldn't even trash talk back because he is probably right. Dang.

But I did have a good week!

Not the greatest week (only three birds), but good because one of the birds I added is a new life list bird for me! Yeah, red-breasted nuthatch is not that rare or amazing a bird, but before I got into this Year of Birds I hadn't seen or at least positively ID one before. Of course, now that I've seen one and added it to my list, I have seen it again and again.

Once again I used my go-to spot of Tyler Arboretum to get some birds. This is a function of the fact that there are lots of birds there and I stop by a lot just to walk around for an hour.

34; Red-Breasted Nuthatch; 2/14/2013; Tyler Arboretum
35; House Finch; 2/14/2013; Tyler Arboretum
36; Red Winged Blackbird; 2/14/2013; Tyler Arboretum

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