Thursday, February 14, 2013

Week 6 Paul's Update

I saw no new birds last week. I didn't really get out and only have a fairly short list of birds that I might see in Peterborough in the middle of winter anyways. On top of that, we had quite a snowstorm in Peterborough- something like 41 cm, which meant I spent more time shoveling snow than looking for birds. I am also saving my bird watching efforts for the coming weeks.

I have a couple of trips to far away places planned and this should greatly expand my list. After that (say mid-March), the spring migration will start (and last until May sometime), during which my bird seeing chances will be really high. So what's the harm of a week or two of no birds in mid-February anyway? Here's an older photo (year 2003) of a chickadee just for fun.

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