Sunday, February 17, 2013

Damon's Birds for the Week of February 10 - February 16

You know, I don't actually get satisfaction at adding birds to my list last week while Paul did not. Yeah, perhaps a little, but I actually find it more fun when Paul tells stories of going down to one of the great lakes and figuring out which ducks are out there or how he went to see a snowy owl only to fall in love with it, have an affair, and eventually get run over by his wife. Sucks that he got shut out last week.

Sucks also that I got shut out this week.

But I have some great news when it comes to birding for me.  Here, let me show you this pictures:

Looks like the penthouse apartment of some rich guy who pays less effective tax rate than people who are poor, right?  Except it is the nature center for the DuPont Environmental Education Center, which is a location of the Delaware Nature Society.  It is also where I work.

Here are a couple of views from the nature center:
Nice! A view of a nice wetlands and the Christina river and the Peterson Urban Wildlife Refuge.  You probably can't see it in the second picture, but there are a couple of platforms for osprey to nest, and one of them gets an active nest.

Oh, look, a nice spotting scope is set up to gaze over the whole thing!

Yes, I added another bird today.

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