Sunday, January 20, 2013

Damon's Birds for the week of Jan 13 - Jan 19

They can't all be like last week because I am not at Cape May every week. Even if I was, there would be slow weeks. This was a slow week.

This week was foggy and then cold and finally warmed up a bit for a weekend trip to Taylor arboretum down the road in Wallingford, PA, but I was occupied for most of the week and only got one new species this week.

30; Northern Cardinal; 1/19/13; Outside Taylor arboretum, Walingford NJ

Yeah, Paul might have a great week and jump ahead of me, but good for him if he does! He's been hoping for snow buntings, so that would be fun if he saw any. I wonder how many shutout weeks we will have, since there will be a time where all the birds that we will see for that season will have been seen. It won't be this week, though, because I already have added to my list.

Only on last week isn't great, sure, but the good news is that means that I will be able to write about cardinals this week!

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