Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Damon's Birds for the Week of January 20 - January 26

This week was not quite as lowly as last week's count, but I am still hampered by really cold weather and parenting. Yeah, I know that Paul had a high of -15 F, but I still consider anything that is consistently with a high in the teens/low twenty with plenty of wind to be damn cold.

I did get to visit a couple wild places (with photoessays of both forthcoming), but what I was happy about getting this week was the damn house sparrow.


Damn thing was hard to find, and I only saw one that was perched on a feeder in front of a store along a roadside that I was driving by. That has been, quite literally, the only house sparrow I have seen in this whole month despite actively looking for birds. I have seen more white breasted nuthatches than house sparrows!

My only other new sighting this week was another sparrow, but this one is actually the native white-throated sparrow. I swear I saw them all the time before the year started and then, BAM, they disappeared from around my house because they knew. Pretty soon they will be singing their songs about sweet sweet Canada and fly back to be added to Paul's list.

31; House Sparrow; 1/20/13; Off Edgemont Road, Brookhaven PA
32; White-Throated Sparrow; 1/26/13; Ridley Creek State Park; Edgemont PA

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