Monday, January 21, 2013

Paul's Week 3 Update

My week of birding wasn't any better than Damon's.

On my way across the Trent campus last week, I stopped and looked to see what was near the feeder they keep outside of the Environmental and Life Sciences building. As expected there were black capped chickadees. That was my bird of the week. I had several close calls- a sparrow outside of my building at Trent, which I couldn't definitively ID before it flew off. A trip to the Botanical Gardens in Montreal, where I had a close encounter with some dark eyed juncos but didn't actually see them. It snowed most of the weekend on us in Montreal where I am staying a few days. Not exactly great bird watching weather. Actually this is something repeated to me by my boys several times this weekend: "Dad, it's winter- won't we see more birds in the spring. Isn't it too cold and snowy to see birds, right now?" I disagree but can't seem to prove them wrong yet.

18 Black capped chickadee 1/14/2013 Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario

Watching for birds in Montreal

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