Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Taylor Arboretum in Winter, a Photoessay

I live right near Taylor Arboretum in Wallingford, Pennsylvania. I also live near Tyler Arboretum in nearby Media, Pennsylvania.  Yes, Taylor Arboretum and Tyler Arboretum are only a few miles (about 8 according to Google Maps) from each other, and yes they are very similarly named. I'm sure this isn't confusing, except that it is, so I will give you a little synopsis of each:

Taylor: It is mostly just hiking around, not much things or staff or people there. Basically it is like a big woods that you can walk around and explore. It is free.

Tyler: It has more defined trails and has lots of programs for families, kids, adults, and other things. They have a gift shop and buildings for classes (I often take my youngest to the toddler classes) and fun things like tree houses and different chairs to explore and do stuff with. It has a staff and events and cost money to get into (I have a membership though).

Both are good for their own purposes. Tyler probably has more people visiting it, but Taylor is a nice little place to walk around to see woods (Tyler also has some nice woods to walk around in). I like both.

The one thing I do like about Taylor is that it reminds me of the large tracts of woodland that once existed between subdivisions of the area that I grew up in. I would spend hours exploring those woods and just enjoying nature; that probably went a long way to shaping my interests and who I would become.

I visited Taylor Arboretum a little over a week ago, before the temperature dropped and it snowed. While I was driving into the arboretum I saw a group of Northern Cardinals fly by (my first of the year), but on this trip I did not see any new birds that I could identify. I saw a hawk soar over and it did not have a red tail, but I couldn't get a good view of it before it was obscured by the trees. It probably was a red shouldered. I also saw a small gray bird that flew away before I could tell what it was.

This photoessay will be mostly pictures without commentary. No birds in the pictures, no red foxes like I saw when I went before.

Yes, I am aware it looks like "Taybr Arboretum"

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