Monday, January 28, 2013

Paul's Snowy Owl

I have been looking at ebird's interactive bird map to see where birds are being seen and to figure out what I might just be able to see. I noticed last week while in Montreal that there were some reports of snowy owl in the countryside to the west of the city.

A snowy that would be a real bird sighting. So I convinced Maggie and the kids that this might be a good detour on our way really it won't be that far out of our way. So we left Montreal on a very sunny Friday afternoon and started down a progression of ever smaller roads. We found the owl area somewhere outside of St. Clet, Quebec and started keeping a lookout.

This is when it occurred to me how ridiculous our trip was. What were the odds that we could just drive out to the country side and see a snowy owl sitting in a tree. Just waiting for us to drive by...about that time Maggie says that the owl would  be sitting on a barn. I scoffed at this suggestion- its a snowy owl, not a barn owl. We were seeing nothing but open countryside and empty trees when we came out a corner and I saw a strange white lump on top of a barn. Yep, there was a snowy owl. We got a great look and even a photo. Bird #19 in the books.

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