Sunday, January 13, 2013

Paul's Week 2 Update

My list of birds seen has grown some this week. This is partly because I saw common birds while driving around and also because I took a couple of side trips to see if anything interesting could be found. My common birds included house sparrows (saw them on the way to university near the little pizza/Chinese food restaurant- I know, both in the same place?), an American crow (actually there are lots of these around here caw cawing away), Canada geese (not so many flying around Peterborough but large numbers of these hanging out on Lake Ontario), mourning doves (I think this was because of Damon's blog being posted on the day before), and the two gulls (many of these flying around Lake Ontario too).

My only really exciting birds of the week were buffleheads and common goldeneyes. Now I am fairly sure they are quite common in southern Ontario during the winter but you don't really see them flying around and you have to go look for them. I saw them both on my two side trips to the Ontonobee river and to Lake Ontario. At both places, I arrived and quickly surmised that there is no shortage of mallards or Canada geese in Ontario. And then I saw something smallish, black and white diving and swimming around in the frigid near freezing waters. I kept looking then noticed differences between the two sets of little ducks and had my sighting of the buffleheads and goldeneyes.

Here's my list for the week:

10 American crow 1/8/2013 Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario
11 House sparrow 1/10/2013 Parkhill Dr., Peterborough, Ontario
12 Bufflehead 1/11/2013 Ontonobee River, Peterborough, Ontario
13 Common goldeneye 1/11/2013 Ontonobee River, Peterborough, Ontario
14 Canada goose 1/12/2013 Lake Ontario, Port Hope, Ontario
15 Ring Billed gull 1/12/2013 Lake Ontario, Port Hope, Ontario
16 Herring gull 1/12/2013 Lake Ontario, Port Hope, Ontario
17 Mouring dove 1/12/2013 Lake Ontario, Port Hope, Ontario

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