Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Ongoing Adventures of My Oldest Son’s Schleich Peregrine Falcon, part 1

Much like the Peregrine Falcon that Damon saw at Cape May, this Schleich Peregrine Falcon soars through the sky looking for food.

It has been a lean year for Schleich Peregrine Falcon (SPF), so he is not too picky and would even settle for high C:N food. Lo, what is that in the distance? Cheerios! SPF thinks he found something to sustain him!

Oh no! A large predator has already claimed this cache of processed oats and defends it ferociously! Also, Youngest Son presents a danger of stealing Oldest Son’s toy that I am playing with without permission. Oldest Son would not be happy.

Cereal is not a fitting meal for such a regal falcon, to the kitchen for meat! Luckily the refrigerator door is left open due to Youngest Son’s browsing, and what does SPF find? Meat!

Oh no, that thin plastic wrapping is well-nigh impenetrable by SPF’s talons! He will have to bide his time until the inevitable lunchtime opens new avenues of nourishment.

Human lunch time; leftover meatloaf sandwiches! Meatloaf will give plenty of meat to slake SPF’s hunger. Time to dive in!

Damon’s homemade meatloaf is both delicious and nutritious and made from a recipe modified from his mom. And while it is good for humans (despite what his kids think), it is full of bell peppers, carrots, and onions and often served with mushroom gravy. This is not peregrine falcon fare.

Much like his owner (my Oldest Son), SPF rejects the meatloaf. It is then that SPF remembers where Damon saw the peregrine falcon at Cape May and realizes that if he is to be like others of his ilk, he must hunt for his favorite prey.

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