Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Home Location Issue

I have a home field advantage when it comes to birds. Paul lives north of Toronto, which is fine I guess, but isn’t the diversity capital of North America. I live outside of Philadelphia, but I frequently visit family on the South Jersey Shore and around the Chesapeake Bay, so I get lots more diversity coming through. Yay and great for me!

Of course Paul has scheduled trips to various places around this year, and he has family in Oregon which he visits, so he has that going for him (I wonder if I even get a magpie this year!).

But even if there is a big disparity, it isn’t a big deal. Sure I might get more birds, or Paul might, but the real fun is having someone else there to motivate you to not only do this project, but it also motivates you to do your best at it. Even if Paul gets hundreds more birds than me, I’m good.

That is not going to happen, though.

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