Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Week 4 Paul's Birds

I spent most of the week working on a proposal in a tiny office in downtown Montreal. Not exactly great for the bird watching. So I didn't have a great week in terms of numbers. But I did get in a couple of trips over the past couple of days.

Of course, there was the snowy owl sighting in Quebec. Yesterday, we went for a walk in the Trent nature area and after a mile or so we didn't see a single bird (unless you count the one I saw over the treetops about 300 yards away). On our way home, we stopped by Peterborough's Beavermead Park. It was late afternoon, not quite getting dark but the sun definitely starting to sink into the horizon. I took a short walk out to the Otonobee River to see if there were any waterfowl on the open water and there in the top of the tree was a flock of smallish birds. They were definitely not something I had seen before...common redpoll. Nice.

Today we drove down to Thickson's Point on Lake Ontario in Whitby, Ontario, which is about 45 minutes from Peterborough (assuming no traffic or weather). I figured we might see some gadwalls and there have been some other interesting bird sightings reported there recently. Yep there were gadwalls. But there was also a strange bird that we saw on our way back to the car. Generally light grey, long tail and kind looking like a jay...a northern shrike. Bird #22.

Gadwalls on Lake Ontario

Paul's Week 4 birds

19; Snowy Owl; 1/25/2013; St. Clet, Quebec
20; Common Redpoll; 1/26/2013; Beavermead Park, Peterborough, Ontario
21; Gadwall; 1/27/2013; Thickson's Point, Whitby, Ontario
22; Northern Shrike; 1/27/2013; Thickson's Point, Whitby, Ontario

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